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Besan laddoo with Pumpkin Spice - Diwali Recipe

Besan Ladoo / Besan Laddoo with Pumpkin Spice

Author Manju



  • Heat the ghee in a non stick pan till it melts. Add the besan to the ghee, mix well and cook, stirring continuously for 15-20 mins. If the besan forms lumps with the ghee, break them with the back of your spatula and keep stirring. Stir till the besan is fragrant.
  • Switch off the heat. Let it cool for a few mins, 10-12 mins. Mix in the cardamom and pumpkin spice. Add the sugar, mix it well with your hands. Shape into lime sized balls. If the mixture doesn’t hold well, add a little more ghee and shape into lime sized balls and keep aside. Decorate with a raisin pressed lightly on top, if you want.


Note: The traditional besan ladoo does not have pumpkin spice in it. Skip the pumpkin spice and follow the rest of the steps to make besan ladoo