Kerala Sadya Recipes  Onam Sadya

The Sadya is a feast, that is typical of the state of the Southern Indian state Kerala and is the single most awe inspiring vegetarian fare you can ever eat!

Pavakka Kichadi A tangy and lightly spiced coconut yogurt sauce topped with crispy fried bitter gourd, this Pavakka Kichadi is a must have for any Sadya

Pineapple Pachadi Sweet and Sour Pineapple Pachadi is a favorite side for any sadya meal that is served for Onam, Vishu or for any other special occasions.

Sadya Koottu Curry A hearty and earthy mixture of elephant yam and black garbanzo with roasted coconut makes up for this Kadala Koottu Curry that is an integral ingredient of Kerala Sadya.

Olan Olan, an integral part of the Kerala Sadya is a delicate curry made with Winter Melon or Ash Gourd and Red Beans in a Coconut Milk base.

Avial Avial – a mixed vegetable curry in a spiced coconut and yogurt sauce, is a very quintessential Kerala dish that is made for Sadya (a feast)! It also features very regularly in everyday meals in Kerala.

Sambar A spiced vegetable stew in a tamarind lentil base, Sambar is a popular curry in South India.

Carrot and Beans Thoran A quick and delicious side of Carrot and Green Beans Thoran, a saute of diced carrots and green beans in coconut

Semiya Payasam A sadya is incomplete without dessert, Payasam. Sweet, simple and deliciously sweet semiya payasam that is delicately scented with cardamom is hands down one of the best Indian desserts ever!

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